Welcome to the Town of Lake Placid Kingswood Manor Residents




Residents have posed the following questions.

When will the election occur and how is it going to happen?
The election that will decide whether Kingswood Manor will annex into the Town of Lake Placid will be held on NOVEMBER 28, 2017.   The Highlands County Supervisor of Elections Penny Ogg, will mail out ballots to the registered voters that reside in Kingswood Manor twenty (20) days before November 28th election.    The ballots will be mailed to the addresses where residents are registered to vote.   

Voters must mail the ballot back in time for the vote to be counted at 7:00 p.m. on NOVEMBER 28, 2017, or must return the ballots in person to Elections Supervisor Penny Ogg before 7:00 p.m. at:
Highlands County Government Center
580 S. Commerce Avenue., Room A201
Sebring, Fl. 33870
Office Hours 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Telephone 863-402-6655

Notifications are included below.

If we vote to annex what will be our tax rate and garbage rate?
The town's advalorem rate has been at 3.65 mills for the past five years.    The Highlands County Tax Collector assesses taxes based on the taxable property value assessed by the
Highlands County Property Appraiser of each apartment times the 3.65 millage rate.
A sample study:
39 GLORY DR has an assessed taxable value on the appraiser's website of $9,588.
By multiplying$9,588 x .00365 taxes will be $34 per year.    39 Glory Drive has deductions which lowers the owner's taxable value.    Property taxable values are diverse as are deductions.  Taxes and non advalorem charges for 39 Glory Drive are located on the
Highlands County Tax Collector's Website as follows.

If annexation occurs the town has proposed billing garbage pick up to the Condo Owners Association with subsequent annual billing by the Association to the owners at a rate of $123.40 per year.   In the tax bill above the COUNTY MANDATORY SOLID WASTE at the Rate of $173 would not appear on future tax bills.   In the case of 39 Glory Drive an advalorem charge on $34 per year would appear in reference to TOWN OF LAKE PLACID.    Otherwise the bill would remain the same with respect to categories.

In the past month the town has voluntarily, as a courtesy to Kingswood residents, assumed garbage pick at our normal twice a week pick up rate up in Kingswood free of charge until the election is held.    After the election the town will continue garbage pick up if Kingswood votes to annex into the town.    If the vote is against annexation the town will cease garbage pick ups and residents will receive county garbage cans and county services at the county rate of pick up's once per week.  

Will the town continue furnishing water?
The town will continue furnishing water and utility services.    Customers inside the town are charged at a rate that makes their water services 25% less than those outside of town.    The results of this are shown in the ANALYSIS STUDY.

A complete ANALYSIS STUDY was done by the Town Administrator Phil Williams and was published about four months ago on this website.     The study was based on an average water use of a period and taxable values published on the Highlands County Property Appraisers Website.

Can I vote or run for office if Kingswood annexes into the town?
Town residents who are registered voters can participate in town elections.
Per Town Charter Section 402. Qualifications for holding office of Mayor or Councilman; judge of
election and qualifications.
Any elector of the town shall be eligible to hold the office of Mayor or Town Councilman, provided that he shall be registered to vote in the town elections six (6) months immediately preceding the date of taking office. The Council shall be the judge of the election and qualifications of candidates for the offices of Mayor and Council and of the grounds for forfeiture of their office.

Annexees may vote immediate upon annexation if they are registered Highlands County voters.  

The town is governed by a Charter that can be reviewed at:

Yes town residents can vote or run for the office of Town Council or Mayor.

The town has three groups that serve the town and make important decisions.    The
Lake Placid Regional Utilities Commission the Lake Placid Planning Association and the Lake Placid Town Council.   The Lake Placid Town Council is elected by town voters and the other two are appointed by the Lake Placid Town Council.

Each Councilman and the Mayor are elected to four year terms.   An election is scheduled in April 2018 wherein two Council seats and the Mayor will be decided.

You may contact the Town Adminsiterator at 863-699-3747 with additonal questions.





This page is published as a courtesy to Kingswood Manor Residents; however, the principles are applicable to several apartment type situations near the Town of Lake Placid.    Recently Highlands County changed its formely fantastic garbage service to include recycling.    Recycling is a worthwhile goal, however, regular garbage service changed to one pick up per week in a giant blue can, along with a green can for recycling.   Highlands County should be commended for its effort, however, many prefer the personal attention that can be provided by a small town service whose introductory town website says,  "Big Enough to Enjoy, Small Enough to Care."

The Lake Placid Town Council will be considering at the request of Kingswood Manor residents, a referendum election pursuant to Florida State Statute Chapter 171.   If accepted by both parties Kingwood Manor will be annexed into the Town of Lake Placid. 

After review the following facts are made know to Kingswood Manor residents.

The Town can provide Utility Services to each resident at a rate 25% less than residents are paying now.

The Town can provide garbage services to Kingswood Manor Residents with two pick ups per week, with garbage placed in the same manner as it currently is for $2,331 less than County services with more service - two garbage pick ups per week without the big blue can.   The Town also has a better debris pick up service with no requirement for tied or packaged debris, although leaves are preferred to be bagged.

A study was done at the request of some Kingswood Manor residents that analyzes each residence.   The study uses one year's water rates for the apartments and information obtained from the Highlands County Property Appraiser’s  website on taxable value.    Residents may double check all math themselves by obtaining your taxable value and multiplying it by .00365, the town's advalorum tax rate.

 Ultimately Town Council has the authority to adjust all rates. Using a rate that furnishes a lower rate requires the use of the Town's dumpster rates. This practice would require billing of the Homeowner's Association rather than billing through the Highlands County Tax Collector.

The Town of Lake Placid Town Administrator will be available on May 11th at 2PM and on May 16th at 2PM at Lake Placid Town Hall, 311 West Interlake Boulevard, to give presentations on this consideration for Kingswood Manor residents, and at any other time for individual meetings with residents.

If a sufficient number of Kingswood Manor Registered Voter Residents desire an election to decide annexation, the Town Administrator will present the petition to the Lake Placid Town Council and a referendum vote will be held by the Highlands County Supervisor of Elections.

This study was completed by Town Administrator Phil Williams - Telephone 863-699-3747



PS.   The Town would like to welcome the Pines of Lake Huntley Condominiums to the Town.    The residents of the Pines annexed into the Town by unanimous consent of all residents effective May 18th.   The Town was able to save them money of garbage pick-ups, give better service, and reduce their water bills.     And . . . they now have direct representation on their services through Town Government and access to a great town police service.