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Town of Lake Placid RFP # LP2021-09 Professional Services Library of Consultants;
CAT-1: Architecture, CAT-2: Professional Engineering

POSTED 08/29/21
CLOSES 09/30/21 @ 2 PM

ADDENDUM 1 TO RFP#LP2021-09 Posted 091421


Can you please clarify the following:
Q-  Under the Cat 2: Professional Engineering

* Is the Town looking for us to provide a team with all the services (A-K) utilizing subconsultants for services that we do not provide in-house?
* Is the Town looking for us to provide only the services we provide in-house?

A -  Either is acceptable.

Q- M/W/DBE Certification
 Is there a percentage requirement?

A- No.

Q- Will the 5 points be awarded if only the Subconsultants are the M/W/DBE?

A   Yes.

A- 09/03/21 RFP Name amended from 2015-01 to 2021-09 - Apologies

Q - Category-2 lists 11 types of professional engineering disciplines of which TJKM is an expert in only two. We don’t touch the other disciplines so perhaps we’re considered a niche firm. Would the Town be receptive to considering a proposal from a niche firm or are you looking for firms / teams that can do all or nearly all of the requested disciplines in category 2?

A - Yes Just make it clear as to what you’re submitting.

Q - If we are pursuing this contract, do we have to submit on both CAT-1 and CAT-2, or can we just submit on CAT-2?
Also, if we are able to submit as a prime consultant on one category, can we submit as a subconsultant on the other category?

A - You may submit either/or. Just make it clear as to what you’re submitting.


Q - As currently worded, we believe that the indemnity provision section 1.1/H. on page 7 of 38 of the proposal is not in compliance with FL Statute 725.08 and is unenforceable. Please consider rewording same to conform with the statute. Suggested language per FL Statutes 725.08: “The design professional shall indemnify and hold harmless the agency, and its officers and employees, from liabilities, damages, losses, and costs, including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees, to the extent caused by the negligence, recklessness, or intentionally wrongful conduct of the design professional and other persons employed or utilized by the design professional in the performance of the contract.” ALSO, Article 13 – INDEMNIFICATION of the sample contract on page 27.

A - Under review by town legal staff - 09/14/21 We agree the language should be changed.   Please see:
ADDENDUM 1 TO RFP#LP2021-09 Posted 091421

Q - Will teams be expected to include subconsultant qualifications (i.e., resumes, MBE/WBE/DBE Certifications, Florida Department of Transportation pre-qualification letter, professional licenses, etc.) if subconsultants are added to the team?

A - Yes