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2022-03-RFP-Records Management Conversion and Software


Response to your questions:

For accessing Electronic Document and Records Management System, how many users will need full rights (upload, edit documents) and how many will need read-only rights (only view the documents or participate in the workflow process)? Estimated 8 full rights users that may change, and 6 read only rights We do not provide concurrent licenses, only Full Named User Licenses.

Do you allow Full Named User Licenses? I would need a definitive explanation on the two different types of licenses and how they would affect the towns usage in regards to your system.

Is Town's preference more towards Cloud-based Electronic Document and Records Management systems or On-Premises Electronic Document and Records Management System?
 The town prefers on premise, but may consider cloud based under the right circumstances i.e. cyber security.

Do you have a budget already available for this project? If yes, what is the maximum budget you are planning to spend on this project?
 No, The town is wanting a response from this RFP to determine what budget would be needed in order to present to our town council for consideration.

Have Town has seen demonstrations of any Electronic Document and Records Management System?

 If yes, what is the name of the solution and vendor which provided the demonstration?

Did any vendor help you prepare or gather the requirements of this RFP?

If yes, what is the name of that vendor? And is this vendor eligible to bid on this RFP?

Is there any expected timeframe within which you would like this system to go live?

What is the size and quantity of the files that need to be scanned?
We do not have this information at this time, an inventory would need to be done. We currently have a number of documents already scanned and organized with the idea that these can be migrated to a records management system in the future.
Please provide approximate quantity next to the below-given sizes:
8.5”x11” up to 11”x17”:

11”x17” up to 18”x24”:

18”x24” up to 24”x36”:

24”x36” up to 36”x48”:


I believe most of what the town is requesting a proposal for can be found in the RFP document. We are small town looking for a public records software that is in compliance to the Florida Public Records Law.

The questions presented are below,

Does the Town currently use a DMS (Document Management System) or Electronic Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) today? NO And, if yes, which one and which version?
2. Can you please confirm that the Town needs access for a total of 14 individuals to the EDRMS system? See page 4 of the RFP

3. Would all 14 individuals be accessing the system on a monthly basis and/or what is the minimum number of users that would be accessing the EDRMS system? See page 4 of the RFP

4. Can the Town please expand on the reasoning for wanting an on-premise solution while most municipalities prefer the SAAS model for the many advantages that it provides? No, on site is preferred you can include other solutions if so desired.

5. Is the preference still for an on-premise solution or would the Town view a SAAS system on an equal-level playing field? No, on site is preferred, but other solutions may be included.

6. Does the Town utilize any SAAS applications? Not than I am aware.

7. Does the Town plan on migrating files and information from current departments to the EDRMS system? Yes And, if yes, what is the dataset size (number & size of files/folders) that would need to be migrated over to the new platform and who would be performing this migration? We have not collected that data yet.

8. In order to keep costs at a minimum, is the Town open to having meetings and professional services performed remotely? That could be considered.

9. What other some of the other existing applications and modules that the EDRMS system would need to interface with other than Microsoft Outlook, American Data Group Billing and Financial Software Systems and – Code of Ordinances and what kind of interface is desired? Microsoft products, not sure of all interface types at this time.

10. What are some examples of cross-referencing disparate information more efficiently from between the Town’s applications? No answer

11. Is the Town also looking for the vendor to provide scanning services or would that result in a different solicitation? At this time we are just looking at the software, a good amount of records have been scanned in the hopes they can be converted a couple of examples ordinances, minutes.

12. What are some examples of desired workflows and which departments do they pertain to? Not Known.

13. Is the town looking to build out those workflows using the system’s workflow designer or have the vendor perform it? Not known.

14. What information is the Town looking to place on the web portal and what is the estimated number of citizens that could view the information at a single time? We have not determined if a web portal would be established, we have a population of 2300 small town.

15. Is the Town looking for electronic signatures for internal users of the system or external? That would be desired.

16. Does the Town currently use DocuSign or AdobeSign? We do use Adobe but not sure if were currently using it for signatures.

17. Does the Town currently use an electronic forms solution? And, if yes, which one? No

18. Can you please expand on the question of the desired optional features of “Capture and index iSeries spool files automatically?” Will check with the person that had me add.

19. Regarding setting up Records Retention, does the Town prefer this by folder or fully automated per file? Retention I would believe should be automated, according to Florida Public Records Retention schedules.

20. Is the Town looking for branding the EDRMS System to match the Town’s logo? That would be something to look at depending on costs.

21. Would the Town consider a 5 or 7 year term? That would be up to our town council and legal review.

22. In terms of evaluating proposals, does the Town have a breakdown of the scoring components and their corresponding weight? No

23. Are there any Veteran or MWBE requirements or set aside for this project? Checking into, don’t believe so.

24. Due to the upcoming 8/11/22 deadline and questions not having been fully answered yet, is it possible to receive an extension until 8/25 to allow us to provide a more thorough response? No Extension

25. Due to the Covid pandemic, many municipalities have resorted to allow electronic submissions via email or a portal. Would this be acceptable to the Town? No, the RFP states no emails or electronic submissions.



Is the Town of Lake Placid a Microsoft 365 subscriber? No the town is not a subscriber If so, how many licenses does Lake Placid have and how many are E3 and E5 (or G3 and G5)?


RFP 2022-01 Lake June Park Phase II


Clarify page 13 of specifications states sod to have warranty for 1 year. There is no irrigation system so warranty could be costly. Possibly change to 60 days?

Answer - Change to - Specify in bid what warranty company is willing to provide on sod, if any.   Otherwise it will be assumed as is stated.