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The Town of Lake Placid Manages a regional utilities system which is largely located in Greater Lake Placid outside of the town's boundaries.  Applicants for water service may be required to agree to annex the property being served if the town is contiguous or becomes contiguous to the property in the future, and other annexation requirements are met.   This is a legally binding agreement that will be recorded permanently on the properties record.   A special agreement is provided for this purpose which is issued by the town's utility clerk at town hall.

Florida Attorney General Opinion Subject: Annexation as prerequisite for services

The Town of Lake Placid's Regional Utility System Ordinance can be reviewed
 at the link furnished.      

The Regional Utility Commission meets once every month.   Dates are on the town calendar.

The town's service areas are Tomoka Heights Systems, Highway Park Systems and the Town of Lake Placid's orginal systems.

Properties inside of the Tomoka Heights area and Highway Park area are exempt from signing the agreement.    Existing customers on those water systems are exempt also.    All new customers are required to agree to annexation.  

A link below furnishes a current interpretation of requirement for annexation pursuant to utilities service.

All new customers for utilities on the Town of Lake Placid system are required to agree to annexation if they are not inside the town limits already.    Customers renting residences being served by the town's original utilities system are required to have the property owner agree to annexation before utility services will be received.

The Town of Lake Placid has excellent water service and reasonable rates.   Property owners are often concerned about annexation into the town and ask about the benefits of being a part of the town.    One of the main benefits is being able to receive the town's water and wastewater services which are not available to property owners who do not indicate their willingness to annex prior to receiving the town's services.    Property owners outside of the town's limits are charged 25% more than customers inside the town's limits.   

Property owners can calculate what their town taxes would be by multiplying the taxable value
of their property time .00365.   Taxable value of property can be found by going to the Highlands County Property Appraiser Website, finding the applicable property, go to "Value Summary," then find  "Total Taxable Value" on the Value Summary page.

  The Town's ad valorem tax rate was lowered from 3.65 mils to 3.50 mils in 2019.
Taxable Value x .00350 = __________

The Town of Lake Placid represents the interests of the Greater Lake Placid area (39% of Highlands County) in many endeavors.   Just to describe two, in 2013-14 the Town Council has been instrumental in encouraging the rehabilitation of Lake June in Winter due to Poind Weed.   The Town Council was instrumental in encouraging meetings with the Health Department to keep certain services in Lake Placid.   Town representatives have had meetings with Governor Scott on two occasions in 2013-14 regarding issues affecting the town and the Greater Lake Placid area.     Also agreements with Highlands County provides that the Town of Lake Placid has the right to address all
development in the Town of Lake Placid and in the town's vision area in the greater Lake Placid area.   

Property owners move to the Lake Placid area and enjoy the many assets provided by the town.   These include free parking, street and park use, and a relatively low crime environment.    The town assists with parades, including the annual Christmas Parade, three annual fairs, four 5K races and many other park events.    The town supervises and maintains recreation facilities for the town and the Greater Lake Placid area.    Being a part of the town entitles it's citizen's to representation both as council members and by voting in the town's elections.



 Application must be made for services at town hall from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.    Since the town administers different systems serving different geographic areas uniformity in deposits and rates has not been achieved as yet.   Application should be done in person at town hall.