Effective March 12, 2018, a Town of Lake Placid Council seat is open.    The Town of Lake Placid is a Mayoral/Council form of government with the Mayor and four Councilman elected to four year terms.   The open seat's term ends on April 7, 2020, at which time an appointed Councilman would have the option of running for the elected office.

The Town is currently receiving letters of interest and any qualifications interested parties would like to submit.    Persons interested in serving the Town in this capacity may submit letters.

Letters may be submitted to Lake Placid Town Clerk, 311 West Interlake Boulevard, Lake Placid, Fl. 33852 or by email to

Town Council may consider all resumes at the next April 9, 2018 5:30 PM, meeting at which time they will be presented, or Town Council may choose other options at their discretion.

BENEFITS:   Currently $100 per month - Health and Life Insurance - Access to other town insurances at reduced rates.

Further information can be found on the town website.   Sections of the Town Charter concerning Town Council are provided for download.

 In October 2011 the following procedure was used to select a new Town Councilman.  

General responsibilities of Councilmen include attendance and involvement in issues at a monthly Town Council meeting on the second Monday of every month unless rescheduled which is rare.    Attendance and involvement on issues at Special Meetings and Workshops.   

Council meetings other than the regular monthly Town Council Meeting occur about six times per year depending on budget workshops or special issues that come up.

October 24, 2011 Minutes to replace Cheryl Davis
This special meeting had been set to interview prospective candidates for the seat vacated by Council Member Davis on September 20, 2011. The Clerk informed the Council she had four applications, all were voters within Highlands County for the past six months and all were residents of the Town of Lake Placid. She stated the candidates were: 1) Tom Katsanis; 2) Ken LeBlanc; 3) Mack Payne and 4) Mike WaldronMayor Holbrook stated we would ask allow each candidate a time to introduce themselves and ask for questions. Each candidate gave an introduction of themselves and answered questions after their introduction. The Mayor and Council then ranked the candidates. The ranking was as follows:
Mike Waldron Ranked #1 by three
Ken LeBlanc Ranked #1 by one
Ken LeBlanc Ranked #2 by three
Mike Waldron Ranked #2 by one
Tom Katsanis Ranked #3 by two
Mack Payne Ranked #3 by two
Tom Katsanis Ranked #4 by two
Mack Payne Ranked #4 by two
Council Member Worley made a motion to fill the vacancy by vote for Mike Waldron; motion seconded by Council Member Bastardi. On roll call, Council Member Worley, Council Member Bastardi, and Council Member Royce voted yes. Motion passed 3-0.
Mike Waldron was sworn in and took his seat on the Council.